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Marmara Leukemia Lymphoma Pathology Laboratory specializes in Hematopathology.

MLL provides services in the diagnosis and classification of Hematological Neoplasms, based on World Health Organisation (WHO) criteria for Hematopoetic and Lymphoid Tissue Tumors.

Detailed immunophenotyping required in this work-up, is performed with immunohistochemistry on solid tissue biopsies with Ventana Instruments . Liquid based specimens, where cells are in suspansion, such as peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirate, body fluids, are immunophenotyped by flowcytometry with BD instruments.

Our laboratory focuses on the evaluation of bone marrow and lymph node tissue samples as sites of primary involvement by hematopoetic neoplasm. Other organ biopsies, with a suspicion of extramedulary & extranodal involvement by a hematopoetic neoplasm are examined, upon request.